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· Lightweight and VERY strong.(1.2lbs)

· Magnetic retention Strength - Neodymium magnets 51.5 lbs of pull strength x 3 magnets assure a strong retention.

· Velcro strap utilizes existing shoulder strap to CRT mounts, allowing quick interchange between shoulder strap use and Mag-Mount

· High density PLA provides extremely strong and durable chassis.

· Thumb Screw quickly aligns and seats against CRT.

· Ergonomically superior to shoulder strap use, no user fatigue.

· Magnetically mounting to steel cabinet / battery stand provides technician enhanced safety margin, keeping the CRT away from the user's body.

· Finger recess at top allow quick release when ready to relocate CRT.

· The Mag-Mount can be left attached to CRT, and fits in the standard CRT foam location of the CRT carrying Case. No need to remove.


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