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Float Charging Current Probe

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Simple and efficient VRLA and UPS battery thermal runaway detector.

Get on top of your batteries’ state of health (SOH) and get notified in case of potential battery degradation.


Q. Is it possible to trend float current activity over time?

A. Yes. The FCCP provides a 0-50mV analog output signal directly proportional to the 0 to 5A input range. Therefore, using the Multitel FUSION RMU or the analog signal, you can precisely monitor and trend float current over time.

Q. How do you determine the normal float charging current value in regards to battery age, capacity, operating temperature and voltage?

A. The float charging current needs to be determined before installing the FCCP. The battery manufacturer can supply this information.

Q. How do you determine where to set the alarm threshold?

A. This is a critical question. For thermal runaway prevention, you want the high current threshold to be set high enough to proactively catch the catastrophic event and not too low to provide negative or false alarms. Threshold recommendations are provided in the FCCP user manual.

Q. Can the FCCP operate with chargers or rectifiers without temperature compensation enabled?

A. Yes, the FCCP measures ambient temperature and can compensate high current alarm thresholds if the temperature compensation feature is not enabled to eliminate negative or false alarms.

Q. Can the FCCP helps comply with the International Fire Code (IFC 608.3) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 1. Article 52.)?

A. Yes. The FCCP will help you comply with IFC 608.3 and NFPA 1. Article 52. as a device to preclude, detect and control thermal runaway.

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6010 Series


The 6010 DISPLAY Series from SPMI provides a versatile platform to integrate a
displayed analog value(s) from
the Multitel FCCP Series. Installation is simple, just slide
over the Multitel Control Head, and connect the supplied cables at the back panel.


Units are factory preconfigured and NO SETUP is required in the field. Can be ordered
with one or two channels, with user defined sensors such as:


  • FLOAT Current (Multitel 0-50mV or 0-20mA / Single or Dual String models)

  • RIPPLE Current

  • String VOLTAGE (up to 200VDC)


  • Any 0-20mA or 0-100mV Sensor, in an existing PLC loop, or stand alone with excitation voltage supplied by the 6010.


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Battery On Discharge

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Provides an auxiliary “Battery On Discharge” alarm when a telecom stationary battery system is in discharge mode.

Convenient if the DC power system controller or telecom facility alarm RTU fails to generate the alarm.

Designed for 48VDC telecom applications

Designed specifically for 48VDC stationary telecom applications - Can be used with wet cell and VRLA battery types - Highly reliable design based on passive electronic components.


Q. Where can we use the BOD?

A. The BOD is ideally suited for all types of locations in which a 48VDC system is protected by means of battery backup: cabinets, central offices, cellular sites and UPS installations in data centers and more.

Q. How reliable is the BOD?

A. The BOD is designed with only passive electronic components. There is no microprocessor, memory or embedded software, making the product extremely robust.

Q. How simple is it to install the BOD?

A. Installation is quick, especially with the wiring harness that provides embedded electrical protection and 15ft leads to battery voltage and 25 ft. lead to local alarm telemetry. No calibration is required.

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