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A2M Series - Analog to MODBUS TCP

8 Channel – 4-20mA MULTITEL FCCP and Sensors to MODBUS System

The 6340 Series of products from SPMI provides a versatile system for integrating MULTITEL
Sensors, in an easy to install, compact solution.

The 6340 Series

Grey Limbo

       With the ability to connect and monitor up to eight sensors, using MODBUS TCP via Ethernet, SPMI greatly reduces the cost of deployment, eliminating the need for conduit, and PLC wiring / programming costs.
       The MODBUS registers can be read by a BMS/FMS, and scaled to reflect the measurement taken with the 4‐20mA value returned. 4‐20mA Sensors can also be added.

       SPMI can preprogram for commonly used systems, reducing installation, setup and deployment costs. We can also prebuild harnessing to connect to user defined sensors, cutting down on site custom wiring needs.

Designed to mate with 4-20mA passive transducers such as:

Grey Limbo
Grey Limbo
  • Multitel FCCP – Float Current Sensor

  • DC Voltage Sensor

  • Ripple Current Sensor

Temperature Probes, Hydrogen Sensors, and many others…


Up to 8 x 4‐20mA sensors.
       • Active 4‐20mA Loop Currents for sensors requiring 12‐24VDC Loop Power.
       • Channels are galvanically isolated from each other.
       • Rear Panel I/O for:
                 o Wiring Harness Connections
                 o Ethernet Connectivity
                 o +24VDC Power input and fused pass‐through to Multitel FCCP. This                             reduces AC Power jack requirements.

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