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- Versatile platform

- Enabling local display for Analog Sensors

The 6010 DISPLAY Series from SPMI provides a versatile platform to integrate a
displayed analog value(s) from the Multitel FCCP Series. Installation is simple, just slide
over the Multitel Control Head, and connect the supplied cables at the back panel.

Grey Limbo

The 6010 Series

Units are factory preconfigured and NO SETUP is required in the field. Can be ordered with one or two channels, with user defined sensors such as:

  • FLOAT Current (Multitel 0-50mV or 0-20mA / Single or Dual String models)

  • RIPPLE Current

  • String VOLTAGE (up to 200VDC)


  • Any 0-20mA or 0-100mV Sensor, in an existing PLC loop, or stand alone with excitation voltage supplied by the 6010.

Key Applications include:

Grey Limbo
Grey Limbo
  • 48VDC Telecom / 120VDC Switchgear: (1) Float Current and (1) String Voltage

  • Alber FCCP installations, using 0-50mV models having 1 or 2 Strings per

  • PLC based FCCP 0-20mA installations; inserting in series for 1 or 2 Channels per


Powered from 120/230 to 24VDC Supply; fused output powers Multitel FCCP Control Head

Extremely easy to install, factory preconfigured for plug and play

1 or 2 Displayed Values (4 digits), per custom user defined configuration

Optional FCCP Alarm LEDs on Front Panel

Optional capability to supply sensor excitation voltage (no PLC required)

Optional Alarm Relay Outputs – FORM A

Operating Temperature 14F to 140

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