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Our decades of diverse experience in electronics, electrical environments, instrumentation, and software systems have enabled our success in designing solutions that make our customer's job easier.   Having expertise that understands system interoperability enables SPMI to think with our customer, and tailor specific solutions that meet or exceed their needs.   

Our service experience provides quick analysis of situations in the field, and enables precise, accurate diagnosis of issues, enabling cost effective and rapid resolution for equipment maintenance needs.

When coupled with our proprietary analytic software, we are able to provide insights that customers cannot see just with a standard instrument manufacturer's software or building management system.   We understand the need for actionable intelligence, based on specific rules based criteria, established for early detection in minimizing risk and enhancing system reliability.

We welcome reviewing new sites, especially as it relates to backup power reliability.  Our experience is that once we provide a comprehensive review, our customers see the true picture as it relates to their system integrity.  As we work with their team, and as system discrepancies are identified and resolved, assurance and confidence of the equipment grows to a point of trust.  They often express their gratitude for our assistance and express a great sense of relief as system reliability increases, and risk is minimized.   

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