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Battery Monitoring Systems

Providing everything you need for your Alber, BTECH, and more

Turn-key design to commissioning:

  • Product configuration for new systems​

  • Reconfiguration for new layouts (i.e., reconfigure existing systems, or providing SPMI reconditioned equipment)​

  • Installation and commissioning​

  • Analysis of Alber & BTECH data, mining for critical discovery unavailable using the manufacturer's software - risk assessment

  • ​​Preventative maintenance / On-site troubleshooting and/or repair​

  • Spares for site exchange to keep systems operational​

  • Repairs services at our Carson City, NV location

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BTECH’s flagship product is designed for various battery monitoring applications and can support up to 480 individual cells and eight strings per system. The S5 is the benchmark in design, application, and function for modern battery management systems.

BDS-40 Battery Monitoring System

Battery monitoring system that mounts to the top of a UPS battery cabinet and monitors 12 and 16 volt sealed batteries. The easy-to-use system tracks internal resistance, predicting and reporting failing conditions prior to complete...

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BDS 256 & 256XL Battery Monitoring System

The BDS–256XL is a stand–alone battery monitor for UPS applications. It monitors 2V-16V batteries, however is optimized to monitor 2V VLA cells. The monitors check the state of health of each cell by performing a proactive resistance test, a reliable predictor of battery performance.

MPM-100 Battery Monitoring System

Diagnostic system designed for lower cell count applications such as telecom or stationary battery systems. Continuous data center monitoring potential problems using parameters such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current and temperature. Automatic periodic tests of battery internal resistance verify the operating integrity of the battery.

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